Bus Refurbishment

We will continue to support the bus industry during the Covid Pandemic. Whilst others close, we shall be there for you!

Since we started the business it was clear there was a distinct lack of quality in the bus sector in relation to Bus Refurbishments.
Having viewed many buses that had returned it was clear that the level of cleanliness and lack of 'Attention to detail' was lacking.

Ask yourself a question 'Would you put old dirty water ingressed number plates back onto a bus that you have just had painted?'
Answer: 'Of course you wouldn't.'
Nor would we. On every vehicle that we paint we automatically supply & fit new number plates.
It's the little things that count. That's why we have such high standards.

We now have all of our Trim work completed 'in-house'.
Why........Having had a previous supplier let us down on various occasions, on failed delivery slots, and with various quality issues, we decided to recruit and bring this service into the RGI family.
Far easier to control and manage our customer expectations.

Bring your assets to us.....we know buses and we know how to look after customers.