The Gemini facelift

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We wanted to create something special for when our staff have some downtime....This isn't very often believe me!

So we obtained a 2002 ex-Go ahead Volvo B7TL Gemini. This particular bus had been looked after really well and drove spot on. The bus made it's way from London to the Midlands. Therefore it was suitable for a makeover.

We set to work stripping the front end over a weekend.
We ordered a new front end (Gemini 2 type) from our friends at N&M Fibreglass Ltd.

We fitted some BMAC Led headlights and the main beam lamps. We kept the old Led side light/Indicator lamp as they looked absolutely fine.
A pair of BMAC Daylight running lights were fitted at the same time.

A set of Hanover white LED destinations were fitted prior to the front being fitted. It makes life easier whilst the front was off.

It took approximately 2 days from start to finish and a little longer to refit the lamps.

The glass went back in and the facelift was complete.........A single door conversion was the next job on the list.

A little bit of welding and the Aluminium frame work was constructed. New Formica (other makes available) sourced and fitted for the interior panel.
New window and rubber seal fitted. A little bit of metal work for the outer panels and we're nearly there. The wooden floor laying was the next job on the list with the Altro flooring laid on top, including a disabled tile followed.
Additional seating fitted, along with 4x Tip up seats in the Disabled area.

We wanted to created something different to the rear of the bus. We decided that the Perei Led combination lights would like great so, we went ahead and fitted them. We were impressed with this lamp as it is most commonly fitted to ADL Enviros.

The bus was advertised 'For Sale' and Gaz McAlister-Partridge from MP Travel contacted us and made his way from Manchester to view the bus.
He was that impressed with the work completed he just had to purchase it.
We were happy to advise on a suitable paint plan for the bus and co-ordinated the paint procedure.

Once the bus returned from the paint shop we applied the livery as supplied by MP Travel.
Inspection appointments were made with DVSA for the new Notifiable notifications.(New headlamps check and Increased seating capacity)
A fresh class 6 Mot test was obtained.

Delivery was completed today (22/12/17) an early Christmas Present for MP Travel.

If you need to give your fleet a facelift let us work our magic with our air knife!

Shortly after collection at South Mimms services.

New front fitting Day 2